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"I have been seeing Dr.Kris long before he opened his family dentistry. I have followed
him simply because he is absolutely, positively the best in the business and as a
person in general. His wife Maya runs the office with extreme intelligence, love and
compassion & is also simply the best. The entire family (staff) are all expierenced
professionals. I feel like I'm visiting my extended family when I visit. I LOVE these
peeps a lot. Do yourself and teeth a favorite & see for yourself, I promise they will
give you the best dental experience ever. If you hate dentists I promise you will love
Logos as much as I do. #1FanForLife." Peggy G.

"After 30 years as a Dental office manager, I truly know all that constitutes a positive
dental experience: consideration, gentle spirit, compassionate, highly capable,
conservative approach - not to mention GOOD dentistry. I cannot recommend
LOGOS DENTISTRY highly enough!" Cheryl W.

"Quality results, comfortable environment, low stress approach, friendly staff and open
communication. Wold recommend to anyone, all the time." Garret B.

"I am so grateful for the recommendation to see this dentist. He was honest, kind and
took his time to explain everything. I went in for a second opinion because a previous
dentist had prescribed a large scope of work to be done. Dr. Kris informed me that
most of that work was not necessary and he saved me thousands of dollars! So
grateful to have found an honest and affordable dentist!" Tiffany H.

"Always appreciate promptness, professionalism and yet so personable. I do not take
anesthesia and trust Dr. Kris to do his drilling ever so careful and delicate each and every time.."
Okky O.          

"Thank you Dr. Kris and all of your staff for your excellent care and for taking the
stress out of dental visits. I have been searching for a new dentist since my dentist
retired a while back. A friend recommended Logos Dentistry (Dr. Kris) to me. My
experience was excellent and I am so thankful for finding my families new dentist. You and your staff are wonderful!" Laura B.

"Dr. Putrasahan is just amazing! Very kind and mellow yet extremely knowledgeable and efficient. All of his staff are friendly and efficient. I don't mind going to the dentist because I know I am in good hands and I don't feel anxious at all. I would recommend them to anyone!" Nicole S.

"Dr Kris and staff are the most gifted, caring, and professional people I have experienced in my many years." Paul D.

"Dr Putrasahan is probably the most conscientious dentist you will ever meet. He has genuine concern for your comfort and will do everything he can to minimize pain. He asks anytime he thinks you might be uncomfortable. He gives you his honest opinion on the condition of your teeth and recommends what is right for you. You don't have to worry about him giving you more "treatment" to make more money. You won't be disappointed in his services!" Peter W.

"The experience was: Painless; Pleasant; He stayed focused on me & kept me informed as to what he was about to do; He didn't preach and harp on dental care protocols like other dentists do (very annoying - a big turn-off to me)." Peter R.

"Dr. Putrasahan is the best dentist I have ever met in my entire life. I have lived in three different countries and two different states in the U.S. and have known many dentists. But, Dr. Putrasahan is the best of the best in terms of his dental techniques, patient care, humanity, and everything. I am really really glad to have met him. As I am an international student studying at ASU, I have to leave the U.S. soon, but if I can stay in Arizona, I want to have him as my dentist for the rest of my life. Since I was child, I had hated dentists and was so reluctant about visiting dental offices. But, Dr. Putrasahan always thinks of patients first and that's why I was able to start thinking about taking more care of my teeth for my health. He changed my cognition about the relationship between teeth and health. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate everything Dr. Putrasahan has done for me. Thank you very much." Masa M.

"Dr. Chris is amazing. His injections are the best I have ever had, and I've had a lot. You don't have to fear the needle anymore. He discusses everything with you and no concern is too small to mention. He really cares and wants you to be happy with his services. I recommend him to all my friends and family." Carol S.

"The art of communication is lost upon many people, but not here. What makes an experience that most people would rather put off, including myself, great is that the Dr. and his staff are always asking about my well being. From going over the procedure and making sure that I am comfortable to helping me make the best decision concerning costs. One of the few places concern about their patients first." Michael C.

"Having a family dentist you can trust is not something easy to find. Dr. Kris was meant to be in patient care and is a blessing to all of his patients. He is truly engaged in his work and is a professional in every aspect of dentistry. Thanks to you and your wonderful staff for providing the type of service that is highly appreciated. All of your smiles makes our smiles happen. God Bless you all." Sandra J.

Logos Dentistry is the BEST!
Dr. Putrasahan has been my dentist for over 10 yrs. I followed him from one dental office to another for years. Let me explain. From the time I was 5 yrs. old until the end of my 40's, dentists were not my favorite people! Pain was always a part of my dental experience and because of this, days before my appointment, anxiety would set in.The day of the appointment I would experience knots in my stomach and I would also become very lightheaded. I felt I never really knew what was going on with my teeth.
Dr. Putrasahan changed my dental experiences to a positive one! With Dr. Putrasahan the pain is minimal if at all!! He has always been honest, caring, and fair. During a consult or when the Dr. is working on my teeth I never feel he is rushing to get to another patient. I am # 1 at the time of my appointment! Dr. Putrasahan always makes sure I understand what is happening and if there are choices to be made, I know and understand those choices. From the time I get a shot of novocaine and through the procedure Dr. Putrasahan will ask me periodically if i'm ok or if there is any pain. In between those times I feel comfortable to let him know if there is any discomfort. His dental work has always been great!
Before my last appointment I got a call to remind me of the day and time. After the call was completed I found myself smiling because I realized that I was just fine! No scared feeling in my stomach and there hasn't been for many years thanks to Dr. Putrasahan. Last but not least, the office staff and his assistant are wonderful! Linda T.

"Dr. Kris is the finest dentist I have ever been to, and that’s saying a lot…because I am a senior with a mouth full of caps, bridges, root canals, etc.!  My husband and I agree with the glowing testimonies other patients have given.  The staff, office environment, ethics, caring, and expertise are ALL top notch.  We would wholeheartedly recommend this excellent dentist to our friends, family members, or to anyone.  Dr. Kris takes the time you need to help you understand what your options are, no matter what kind of procedure you may need. He is up front and fair about the cost as well.  We are confident you will receive the best care available anywhere.  Thank you Dr. Kris.  God bless you and your staff in your practice there in Chandler at your pleasant, new, modern facility!!"  Sincerely, Mary Lou & Frank 

"We are thankful to have a dentist that we trust so completely. Dr. Kris has a kind, gentle manner, which makes going to the dentist a positive experience. There is never a concern that he will suggest treatment that does not need to be done. We recommend him, without reservation, to any family member or friend that needs a new dentist." Stephen & Marcy L.

"Have you ever missed your dentist while he was on vacation?  Well, imagine how I felt when Dr. Putrasahan left his previous office & no one supposedly knew where he was.  After two years, I started searching the web myself and eureka…I found him!  So relieved to be back in your chair again!"  Dee Dee P.

"Dr. Kris is an excellent dentist. The first thing I noticed when walking in the front door, they speak to you. Dr. Kris is very caring, painless, thorough and is a Christian. Being a dental assistant all of my life, I highly recommend him. My husband and I are very happy to find such a good dentist."  Jeanette J.

"Really looking forward for Dr. Kris to have his own practice. He has been our family dentist for over 16 years and we would not go to anyone else. Hard to find a dentist these days that is honest and ethical among the many other wonderful qualities this guy posses." Peggy G.

"After years of avoiding dentists (I'm somewhat dental phobic), I can highly recommend Dr. Kris as an excellent dentist. He's gentle, patient, thorough and honest. You won't find a better dentist in all of Arizona." Steve P.

"Dr. Kris is one of the most caring, careful dentists that I have ever known. He keeps nothing hidden. Best of all, he is a man of integrity. He won't order work done if it isn't needed. His bottom line is the well-being of his patients." John W.

"I'm a senior citizen, and I've had many dentists over the years.  When I started with Dr. Kris five years ago, I knew I had found a dentist I wanted to stay with. Dr. Kris is very thorough and gentle, and I know he really cares about my health needs.  I will follow him no matter how far I have to drive."  Gloria G.

"We have been receiving excellent dental care by Dr. Kris for almost 10 years. His professional skills, patience, and personal care for patients make his appointments something to pleasantly anticipate. We are always eager to share the service of Dr. Kris with friends in need of dental care." Bill & Ruth K.

"The B family would like to let everyone know what a very special person Dr. Kris is. We have now followed him to three different companies. We will continue to follow him to his new practice this November. He has taken care of my three children since they were in kindergarten and my children just think the world of Dr. Kris. You know that he truly cares about your well being and is looking out for your best interest. Now, in these current tough economic times, Dr. Kris still makes sure you are only having necessary dental work done. His standards for living a truthful and moral life are so appreciated and respected. I always praise Dr. Kris for his true concern for you, as a patient. We are so happy to see his dream of having his own practice come true!!! God Bless Dr. Kris and we all cannot wait to see his new facility come November." The B family.

"My last filling done by Dr. Kris was truly painless. He was so careful and skilled that I didn't know he gave me the shot until it was done. the numbing happened as he described and the filling and polishing was finished within 30 minutes. if you could call a visit to the dentist pleasant, this certainly fit that description." Pei M.

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